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COVID-19 Vaccine


The Covid-19 Vaccine is now available in NYC to people age 12 and older. 

Review the acceptable proof of eligibility that you need to bring with you for your vaccine appointment here.

Per updated CDC guidance, there's no need to wait for 14 days between COVID19 vaccine and other vaccines. You can be vaccinated for COVID19 simultaneously with any vaccines that you need.

Follow these links to locate a COVID-19 vaccine site in your area: 


NYC Mobile & Pop-Up Vaccine Sites

NYC Covid-19 Vaccine Hubs Appointment Scheduler


NYC Covid-19 Vaccine Finder

For New Jersey residents, follow the link below for the vaccine scheduler and list of locations. Eligibility and required proof of eligibility may differ in New Jersey. Thus, please confirm with your vaccine center. 

NJ Vaccine Scheduling System

Covid-19 Vaccine Locations for Eligible Recipients in New Jersey


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