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Congratulations! You’ve booked your dream vacation to some exotic locale. As you busily prepare for your adventure, make sure a visit to City Care Family Practice figures high on your prep list. If you’re traveling to foreign lands, the last thing you want to do is spend that time, sick, in your hotel room. The healthcare professionals at this family practice in Lower Midtown on the east side of Manhattan, offer their patients complete travel counseling, which can mean the difference between a dream vacation and a nightmare experience. If you’re in New York, call or use the online form to schedule your appointment.

Travel Counseling Q & A

Why do I need travel counseling?

During the Summer Olympics in Brazil, the US government issued warning after warning about the prevalence of the Zika virus. Or, almost a decade ago, travelers were warned to protect themselves against the Avian flu in certain Asian countries.

Although these are the headline-makers, the fact is that travel around the world poses a certain amount of health risks.

The healthcare providers encourage their patients at City Care Family Practice to get out and explore the world, as long as they take the necessary steps to ensure their safety, which includes a pre-travel check with your healthcare provider.

What are the most common problems when traveling?

There are many health problems you can encounter when you travel, including:

Digestive issues

This issue rises head and shoulders above all others and is responsible for more ruined vacations than you can count. Anywhere you travel outside the country, it pays to understand that food processing is far different, and it all boils down to water.

The water in the U.S. undergoes a considerable amount of filtration and sterilization before it’s deemed potable. This is not necessarily the case in many countries, and it can have devastating consequences on your digestive system. Your provider makes you aware of the most common pitfalls and how best to avoid them.

Contagious diseases

Although the U.S. does a good job in controlling highly contagious diseases through vaccines, many countries fall short. Your provider ensures that all of your vaccines are current before you travel.


Though malaria is the most commonly known disease that’s transmitted by mosquitoes, there are others. Your provider reviews the area you’re visiting to determine whether you would benefit from anti-malarial pills. He also advises you on insect repellent measures.

These are just some examples of the many risks you may encounter when traveling. Your healthcare provider reviews your itinerary and counsels you on the proper protocols for each destination.

What do I need to know if I have a pre-existing condition?

If you have a pre-existing condition, it’s especially important that you visit City Care Family Practice before you travel. Your healthcare provider ensures that you have all of the resources you need before you leave, including extra medication should you run out.

To make your dream vacation the best experience ever, book a travel counseling visit at City Care Family Practice. Or, schedule an appointment using the online form.

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